Means maize in the Rarámuri language and is also the name of our documentary, which addresses the destruction of rural life in Mexico and how its demise is related to the monopolization of the food industry.

The goal of SUNNÚ is to share different realities about maize in northern Mexico and to become a message of support to farmers in resistance everywhere, as well as an instrument to aid the food sovereignty movement in Mexico.

Greetings to everyone!

Welcome to Sunnú’s website. Here you can find all the information regarding our film project, as well as production pictures and names of the people/companies that have supported us up to this point.

From april to august 2013 we had an online fundraising campaign through Kickstarter, but we didn’t get any money at all because we didn’t reach the target amount. This is why we opened PayPal and bank accounts in U.S. and México and thanks to a wonderful $20 thousand USD collected, we were able to continue filming from may to june. Samewise, Chrsitensen Fund (with home base in San Franscisco California) supported us with $15 thousand USD. Finally, with CENAMI’s help (National Center of Help to Indigenous Missions), we were able to film from june to july, in the mexican states of Hidalgo, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Tlaxcala, the different situations of maize in those regions.

We deeply thank everybody who has supported us since then, here you can check the whole backers’s list.

But we are still missing $15 thousand USD to continue the next 4 months of production and to start the editing process. We keep inviting people to be part of this project. We know the importance of maize in mexican culture and thus we must preserve it. Making a documentary film is our way to demonstrate that we are still on time to Save Maize.

Any questions or doubts on how to support, please let us know at sunnudocumental@gmail.com

Together we save maize,


“Corn is the very heart of the civilization that gave rise to México.”

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